Saving lifes with Machine Learning: is it possible?


Did you miss our CEO Andrea Tesei interview at Radio Next? Nevermind: it is still available here.

Through our success cases, Andrea shown up behind the scenes how it is possible to disrupt tedious business processes through AI. Aptus.AI technologies are able to streamline all the processes that involves heavy manual analysis of unstructured data such as documents, images, videos and audios.

Till now we have been able to make a huge impact in three main sectors: Regulatory Reporting for banks, Search Engine Optimization and Breast Cancer screening.

Thanks to Law Sonar, a few pilot banks experienced a reduction human resources efforts of 82% in Reagulatory Reporting. Beside it the accuracy of reports increased by 23%, which means lot of money saved in penalities.

Thanks to our Search Enginge Optimization, the pilot agency we are collaborating with has been able to increase by 800% the keywords analyzed per SEO expert. Aptus.AI technology let this agency to speed up greatly their services and to help their customer to get quickly an increase of revenues.

Last but not least, the ongoing clinical test on our DeepMammo, a tool for early detection of breast cancer, showed that radiologists can increase productivity by 30%, and reduce tournaround times from days to minutes.

So, concluding: yes, Machine Learning can save human lifes!

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