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Happy Birthday Aptus.AI.

Exactly one year ago, my friend Andrea and I went to a notary in Pisa to found Aptus.AI. Our vision was clear: to help companies in designing and realizing their Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption road-map.

It has been a success: plenty of companies came and asked for Aptus.AI support: after just one year we successfully delivered solutions for companies operating in the financial, legal, healthcare and security markets.

The reason why our idea has been rewarded by markets is twofold: on the one hand AI is nowadays crucial to stay competitive in each industry; on the other hand it is very complex to integrate AI in business processes, both for technical and product design reasons.

Aptus.AI main value is the ability to collaborate with companies that have a deep knowledge of a specific market in order to design and build new products or features that requires AI.

To celebrate the first birthday of Aptus.AI, today we are opening this blog in which we will share our expertise and achievements. We hope our blog will inspire readers to catch the train of AI… hopefully with our help.

Stay tuned.

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