Taking the RegTech AI to the next level.

Financial companies are lacking resources to keep up with the ever-growing regulations changes and updates.

They need a standard and unique tool to monitor and analyze thousands of legal sources in real time.


A intelligent and interactive legal inventory is the only way to avoid the risk of penalties and reputation degradation.

It also helps humans to make more confident decisions and companies to reduce costs for compliance operations.

Our AI solution offers all of these features, also allowing to save time for humancentric and valueadded activities. 

The future of RegTech AI for compliance tasks is already here.

is the interactive and intelligent legal inventory that the RegTech market was awaiting. It is automatically updated in real time and it saves time to spend in human value-added activities.


Mostly since the 2008 crisis, financial institutions need to face an ever-increasing number of mandatory compliance operations, which constitute an high cost item, but doesn’t generate any revenue.
In Europe at least these regulations are only partially accessible in a structured way and they lack of a homogeneous format.

Compliance professionals need a unique tool to manage different topics, but mostly a standard method to access and read regulations. This is the only way to solve compliance tasks on time, and to reduce the risk of penalties from the controller units and of reputation degradation towards customers.


Provide a standard and updated legal inventory

Automate repetitive actions

Navigate complex text structures in few clicks

Personalize stream of the latest regulatory change


AI Powered

Daitomic exploits the power of AI to implement and automate repetitive tasks and error-prone operations in regulatory collecting, indexing, structuring and linking.
Our AI algorithms identify text structure and regulatory references, index the rule in each of its parts (including metadata) and make it accessible in an intelligent and linked way.

Just a click away

Daitomic allows to carry out with just one-click many  tasks which are manually impossible (or nearly) to be done. Besides, the regulatory deep indexing level allows to personalize the system: user can literally create his rule from scratch thanks to the drag-and-drop legal drafting mode. 

The rule’s deep structuring  also allows to link the regulatory object to any other element, also depending on the user’s needs.

Save Time & Save Money

So Daitomic offers the chance to work in a standard, structured and quicker way on the regulatory documentation, making it possible to reduce costs and delivery better results

This also gives the chance to save time for other humancentric and valueadded activities, such as the compliance strategy or the auditing operation structuring.

Are you ready to discover the future of RegTech AI for compliance operations?

Meet Daitomic


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